No, don’t bring back Flip

Patrick Reusse made the case in yesterday’s Strib for bringing back Flip Saunders.

While it’s appealing to look at this 1-8 Timberwolves team and pine for the “good ol’ days” of first-round playoff exits, this is an urge that should be resisted.

Why?  Because Flip Saunders just wasn’t that good of a coach.  His tenure is Detroit proved it.  He can coax good regular season performances out of his teams, but in 11 trips to the playoffs failed to produce a team that went beyond where it was supposed to go.  Four times he lost series when his team had the home court advantage.

Randy Wittman is a bad NBA coach.  But let’s try to find a coach that’s better than average to replace him, not a retread of someone who will only make the Wolves as good as they should be.  Let’s try to find a coach good enough to raise the horizons even higher.


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